Global Links Corp. Completes Funding To Develop Line of Factory-Made Modular Studios

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorLas Vegas–Global Links Corp. has recently received financing to fully fund the final development of the Domain Studio Condo unit. The Domain Studio is a factory-made modular component, which can be placed on a commercial base, stacked on top of each other, placed in the backyard or anywhere else the buyer chooses to place it. The 576 sq. ft. condo unit is now in the final stages of development and will be ready for viewing in about two weeks. It costs $72,000 and comes with a fully equipped kitchen as well as a washer and dryer. “A builder can save nearly 60 percent of the overall project costs,” Frank Dobrucki, CEO of Global Links Corp. who designed the Domain Studio, tells MHN. “Several factors contribute to stability in the housing market. Price controls are essential. If we have learned anything from the current housing market meltdown, it should be that greed is not the way that we should value housing. An uncontrolled market is subject to all sorts of gimmicks and fraud.”According to Dobrucki, because the Domain Studio is a factory-built modular component, the company will be able to maintain strict price controls. “The ability to meet many different needs with the same product is also essential as we see the potential of working with local builders to enhance the quality of life in existing cities, while meeting the needs of various organizations as well as private buyers,” says Dobrucki.The unit is built with Energy Star appliances and comes with several energy-efficient features. It weighs 34,000 pounds and will be built by a manufacturer who has factories across the U.S. “We will not be transporting these units over great distances,” says Dobrucki. Global Links Corp. anticipates $10 million in revenue for 2009 based on the two pending projects in the Southwest that will each build at least one complex of 54 and 24 units. Dobrucki says that there is no limit to what can be done with these units. “They can be made of glass or any other material and can be in any color the developer wants,” he says. The company also plans to develop two-bedroom units next year and is expecting revenues of $30 million in 2010.