Genie Garage Door Openers Get Smarter

The WiFi-enabled Aladdin Connect system interfaces with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling users to better control and monitor the doors through time-based rules and virtual keys.
The Genie Company garage door openers. Image courtesy of The Genie Company

The Genie Company has added WiFi and smart features to its builder grade garage door openers. The company’s Model 2128 and Model 1128 garage door openers now have the Aladdin Connect system built into the powerheads, giving customers more control and monitoring over the doors that shelter their cars.

The Aladdin Connect app guides the homeowner or installer through the setup process, which takes about five minutes. The Aladdin Connect system integrates with smart platforms Alexa and Google Assistant and allows the customer to set schedules for the door to close, as well as offering virtual keys that grant limited or full access to family and friends.

Aladdin Connect works with two models of openers that utilize either belt or chain drive rails and powerful 24-volt motors to hoist residential sectional garage doors up to 8 feet tall. Model 2128 can raise doors up to 7 inches per second and Model 1128 can achieve 6.5 inches per second. The DC motors are strong but compact and light-weight, making them easier to install than heavier units.

Connectivity has become a major theme in the garage door market, as many big-box retailers seek to offer “smart home” features to their customers, while other garage door differentiators such as glass options also remain important.