Futuristic Technology Takes Property Management to New Levels

POM technology--including remote-managed property management--is the wave of the future.

New York—Imagine knowing, from a remote location, exactly when your supers are entering your apartment buildings. Or monitoring all your buildings downtown—at once—all from a command center in your office uptown. Or being able to manage your properties from you smartphone. It’s the stuff of science fiction—and now, with tools from Peace of Mind Technology LLC (POM), it’s possible today.

“Technology keeps changing and getting better,” Howard Hertzberg, business development executive, POM, tells MHN. “You don’t have to be at the desk anymore to see what’s going on.”

POM’s research and technology is changing how owners can manage their buildings. The technology company, which services the New York metropolitan area, has developed systems incorporating cloud computing that allow buildings to be managed remotely. When systems are set up, owners can “control audio, video, etc. from one central location,” including from an iPhone, Hertzberg says. “It gives you a lot of flexibility.”

There are many benefits to managing buildings remotely. It allows for the ease of keeping track of multiple properties at once, and is convenient. Plus, it decreases overhead.

“With cloud, it’s all remote,” Aram Kavalgian, business development executive, POM, says. “Office space can be converted to another apartment to maximize revenue. You would serve as your own administrator.”

Additionally, POM’s technology can be used as a “virtual guard” to keep track of who is coming into and out of your building. This can be used to notify residents of packages.

“A lot of buildings can’t afford security guards, so if you have cameras you can have virtual guards,” Kavalgian explains.

Alarm systems can notify supers if doors are left open in the building. Additionally, with these systems, authorities are automatically contacted if there is a fire, break in, or other emergency.

“We live in difficult times today, and there are things we should do to safeguard us,” Hertzberg says.

In addition to property management, POM’s technology can be used to enhance building amenities for the residents. For example, digital signage has been finding its way to residential buildings. These screens can broadcast emergency information, announce building events, list pool and gym hours and even advertise nearby restaurants.

“It’s real-time monitoring,” Kavalgian says.

If there is ever a problem with POM’s systems, Hertzberg says POM can “log in telephonically” to troubleshoot. “We have a dedicated service manager,” he says.

Ultimately, it’s about efficiently managing your buildings and drawing in new residents.

“The luxury residential market is expanding,” Hertzberg says. “People want conveniences. They want to be pampered.”

Kavalgian agrees. “New buildings going up are a dime a dozen,” he says. “It’s what you’re going to offer that will draw your tenants.”