Product Debuts

The classically styled Invisi Walvit Elongated model from Caroma and the wireless remote controlled water security system called Flo n Stop  from Millenium International Development Corp. are among the thousands of products making their debut at the International Builders’ Show in Orlando this year.CaromaThe classically styled Invisi Walvit Elongated model from Caroma’s dual flush toilet series has smooth sculptured contours. Built into the wall, the Invisi Walvit features concealed outlet and closet bowl fixtures, which make it un-obstructive, especially beneficial to small multifamily apartments or condominiums.Caroma’s dual flush toilets reduce water use by 40 percent over today’s standard flush (1.6-gallon). The two buttons mounted into a wall above the toilet release the different flush volumes—a 0.8-gallon half flush and a 1.6-gallon flush.The Invisi Walvit is suitable for domestic and commercial applications.www.caromausa.comMillennium International Development Corp.Flo n Stop is a new wireless remote controlled water security system that prevents water damage and mold. The remote control, about the size of a hand, has “On” and “Off” buttons. Pressing the “Off” button turns off the water pressure to all plumbing fixtures, thereby preventing water damage caused by bursting hoses or ruptured pipes. By simply pushing the “On” button, all water is restored.The Flo and Stop remote controls can be programmed for multifamily properties to assure each dwelling has its own exclusive unit code. Flo and Stop also comes with a security system called the 24/7 Water sentinel, which senses the presence of water and immediately transmits a wireless signal that shuts off the main water supply.The Millennium International Development Corp. is the manufacturer of Flo and