Product Debuts

The Building Blox tile collection from Crossville, SmartKey, the new locking technology manufactured by Kwikset, and the Triple Guard Sealer from Protecto Wrap Company are three practical products for multifamily properties, showcasing for the first time at this year’s International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla.CrossvilleThe Building Blox Collection from Crossville features three styles of Porcelain Stone tile created in collaboration with internationally renowned Robert A. M. Stern Design. City Garden starts with a traditional floral motif reminiscent of 19th-century wall covering, overlays it with a grid, and then jumbles and rotates the squares, to create a pattern that is organic and floral, yet geometric and contemporary.The Urban Fabric and Greek Key are styles inspired by architectural decorative details and mosaic floor patterns typical of the classical tradition, yet at the same time crisp and contemporary.All three styles in this collection are available in various colors, including white, limestone, wheat, pistachio, ice, terra cotta, slate, taupe and black. The tile sizes of the patterns are available in 12-inch-by-12-inch and 18-inch-by-18-inch, while the solids come in those two sizes as well as the 6-inch-by-12-inch. The Porcelain Stone Building Blox collection is stronger than granite, and does not scratch, stain or fade. It also does not need sealing or waxing, and cleans with just hot water.www.crossvilleinc.comKwiksetEliminating the traditional pin and tumbler lock, the new SmartKey locking technology from Kwikset provides the ability to re-key locks in less than 30 seconds. In three steps, a potentially compromised or outdated key can be replaced with a new and secure key without removing the lock from the door.With the help of the proprietary SmartKey Learn Tool, which is provided with the SmartKey, and the existing functioning key, a key can be re-keyed an infinite number of times. The re-keying process can be done with the lock in-place. When the functioning key is inserted and turned 1/4th clockwise, the SmartKey learn tool should be inserted and removed. Then, when the current key is taken out and the new key is inserted and turned halfway counter-clockwise, the lock is re-keyed. SmartKey’s innovative re-key technology stems from its newly patented side-locking bar system.Kwikset SmartKey offers a wide array of styles and finishes in handlesets, levers, knobs and deadbolts to match any décor.www.kwikset.comProtecto Wrap CompanyThe Triple Guard sill sealer, manufactured by the Protecto Wrap Company has the thickness and self-adhesive characteristics that give it the ability to seal tight enough to virtually eliminate any air, moisture and insect or rodent infiltration beneath the sill plate.It has the patented design that combines the peel and stick waterproofing characteristics of Protecto Wrap’s waterproofing membranes with a 3/8-inch closed cell foam sill sealer. Triple Guard’s triple protection adheres to the face and top of the foundation wall as well as face of the sill plate/skirt board, totally sealing off the cold joint between the foundation and the frame. By sealing off the cold joint between the top of the foundation and the sill plate, Triple Guard helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer.It adheres to concrete, block, wood, metal, vinyl, brick and foam surfaces. There are no extra tools needed for its application, except a utility knife. Triple Guard is sold in 25-foot rolls in two different