FreshAir Helps You Manage Smoke Detection

The sensor continuously monitors for smoke and promptly notifies you of incidents.
FreshAir1 Smoke Detector. Image courtesy of FreshAir

FreshAir 1 has unveiled their latest smoke detection device that senses when tobacco or marijuana smoke has entered a space. The system identifies specific molecules in smoke particles—an improvement over traditional detectors that use light or radiation to detect only general particles.

FreshAir1 is designed to monitor continuously, thanks to patented PolySens technology in the sensor’s molecularly imprinted polymer that resets after each smoke-detection event. The unit is also tamper-proof, circumventing any attempts to mask a smoke event. This provides consistent protection in real time.

Fresh Air’s smoke detector monitors up to 500 square feet. The unit is compatible with standard type B outlets and features Wi-Fi technology that enables communication with the company’s monitoring platform. When the Fresh Air1 detects smoke, the user receives an alert via email or phone with a report of the violation, which provides the evidence to enforce the no-smoking policies in your spaces.