For Residents, Does Location Really Matter?

Does the old saying "Location, location, location" really matter to today's renters? MHN and Kingsley Associates paired up to find out what residents think about their apartment's neighborhood.

Does the old saying “Location, location, location” really matter to today’s renters? MHN and Kingsley Associates paired up to find out what residents thing about their apartment’s neighborhood.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600“The location of my apartment is perfect. I love to walk up to Main Street and enjoy the wonderful food from all the different restaurants. It’s also a safe neighborhood to walk dogs in, which is an added bonus.” —Woodstock, Ga.

“I love the area here. I feel like I’m within quick range of almost anything I want. The views are beautiful and the area is great for outdoor activities.” —Phoenix

“There are major issues with noise in the surrounding area due to the industrial park behind the building. Numerous complaints have yielded no solutions.” —Cambridge, Mass.

“I like living near a bus stop and two shopping centers. It’s easy to just walk to these stores from my apartment.” —Chapel Hill, N.C.

“The location of this property can’t be fixed by adding bells and whistles. It’s only worth so much a month to live here. Newer conveniences won’t make the neighborhood crime and highway noise go away.” —Salem, Ore.

“Rent should be lower given the neighborhood is by a busy highway and there is nothing in the area that is walkable.” —Arlington, Va.

“I would consider staying here long term if there was more access to public transportation with the extended schedules on nights and weekends. The property is in a very isolated location.” —Waltham, Mass.

“We feel safe in our community and love the location and schools. The convenience of our location and amenities makes us feel like this is our forever home.” —Wheaton, Ill.

“Location is key for me. The complex is less than one mile from everything I need (work, grocery store, pet store, dry cleaner, etc.) It’s nice to never have to get in my car to go somewhere.” —Denver

“The most enjoyable factor living here is the location. The apartment is located right in the center of the city and everything is a mile away.” —Broken Arrow, Okla.

“My children love their new neighborhood and look forward to going outside. This makes me feel happy that I have done my job as a parent by providing them a safe and fun place to live.” —Augusta, Ga.

“Rent is very reasonable for being located so close to public transportation, the highway, business parks and where I work.” —Austin, Texas