For Rent Media Solutions Launches Leads Dashboard

By Erika Schnitzer, Associate Editor Norfolk, Va.—For Rent Media Solutions has launched a Leads Dashboard, which offers a streamlined approach for property managers to monitor their advertising performance and drive more leads.As the industry has evolved and there are increasingly more ways to drive traffic to communities—such as print and Internet advertising, text messaging and iPhone apps—property managers have, in the past, had to look at each touch point to ascertain from where their leads are coming. For Rent’s Leads Dashboard pulls all the results together, Terry Slattery, president of For Rent Media Solutions, tells MHN. “It’s a real-time dashboard where you can check the results of any mechanism that drives traffic.”The tool offers a snapshot of all For Rent advertising being used by a property manager, Slattery explains. Property managers can check ROI and lead generation for all sources in one area, and regional property managers can check multiple communities.”Property managers today are challenged to get more done with fewer resources,” says Slattery. “In these economically challenged times, we understand the importance of providing advertising value for our clients.”According to respondents of a For Rent survey, walk-in visits, e-mail guest cards and phone calls ranked high as the most valuable type of response from apartment seekers. For Rent used these findings to redesign the tool to sort and color-code data based on lead type, allowing clients to easily find the information they are seeking.Graphics inside the Leads Dashboard display the percentage of total leads for each lead type so property managers can see what form of communication is most effective for their prospects.Slattery notes that the new dashboard will automatically track leads from new products that For Rent continues to develop, and any For Rent product a property manager chooses to use will appear  on the dashboard.”There are so many different ways that consumers are reaching apartments today that you need to effectively track and follow up on those leads. This is a tool that allows you to do that, and you can make good advertising decisions based on numbers,” Slattery adds.