Fire-Rated Downlight Housing Protects Ceilings

Nora Lighting has introduced a redesigned line of fireboxes that foster safety in multifamily properties.
Nora firebox. Image courtesy of Nora Lighting

Nora Lighting has introduced a redesigned line of fire-rated downlight housing that provides a way for owners and operators of multifamily properties to install recessed lighting while protecting the ceiling plenum from flames as well as toxic and ignitable gases.

The 2-hour fire-rated housing, compatible with LED retrofits and standard recessed reflectors, is lighter and smaller than previous models and comes with 4-, 5- and 6-inch apertures for different sized luminaries. Nora also offers a new shallow 4-inch firebox that is compatible with the company’s Onyx LED retrofit series.

The products feature a double wall fixture that incorporates a noncombustible fiber insulation to block the passage of flames and gasses while also acting as sound-deadening material. Fire-rated housing fosters safety in a multifamily community while also affording greater design flexibility.