Find Upgraded Security and Coolness in Touchscreen Locks

The Touchscreen Deadbolt from Schlage provides the option to go keyless and boosts convenience with customized temporary access codes for parents, friends, kids or the cleaning service.

Schlage_Touchscreen_HI_storyBy Mike Ratliff, Senior Associated Editor

A sense of security is one of the most important factors a prospect considers when looking for new digs. That said, carrying a set of keys all the time can be annoying (as runners know), and getting locked out of your apartment never seems to happen when you are fully clothed.

Multifamily owners now have the option to upgrade their buildings with the Touchscreen Deadbolt from Schlage. Each unit can hold up to 30 unique four-digit access codes and can be designed to support temporary codes for convenience. This allows renters, for example, to let a neighbor access the apartment while they’re on vacation to water plants or feed pets. When the user touches the screen, numbers light with a soft blue light. This makes night-time use a breeze.

There is going to be some concern over the security of a touchscreen lock. That is understandable, as it is something new and different. If renters are worried that intruders can ‘read’ their screen to get access codes, they can rest assured knowing that the screen is fingerprint resistant and won’t become detectable even after repeated use. The deadbolt locks and unlocks when they enter their code, and the unit will alert the user with a beep if the deadbolt is not fully extended. The door also self locks any time it is left open.

The Touchscreen Deadbolt also features built-in alarm technology that issues a range of alerts depending on the activity detected. The Activity Alert sounds when the lock detects that someone is leaving or entering the house; the Tamper Alert sounds when the lock is being disturbed; and the Forced Entry Alert sounds after identifying significant pressure, such a such as a kick to the door or a shove to the lock.

Be sure to visit Schlage for more information on the Touchscreen Deadbolt or their other residential offerings.