FEMA Unveils New Disaster Housing Plan

Washington, D.C.–The Federal Emergency Management Agency announced a new plan Tuesday for disaster housing that gives governors the right to use units that exceed FEMA’s new formaldehyde standards and accept or refuse travel trailers.Washington, D.C.-headquartered FEMA says that, with the state governor’s permission, it will use trailers only when absolutely necessary on private property containing homes that can be repaired within six months, the Times-Picayune reported Wednesday.Any new trailers FEMA buys must meet strict air quality requirements, testing below .016 parts per million. States can use existing housing units with higher formaldehyde levels, which FEMA will test for the states, in the new plan.Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said he approved of FEMA being “more flexible” helping homeowners who can repair their homes quickly than it had been during Hurricane Katrina but said he would not permit Louisiana to use housing that didn’t meet stringent air quality rules.