Fagor Products are Ideal for Universal Design and ADA-Compliant Kitchens

Fagor’s side-opening 24-in. European convection wall ovens are available in right or left hinge swing door options. This convenient design eliminates the need for bending over a hot oven door and can be installed at any height for added convenience. The ovens can be mounted at any height to suit the layout and limitations of a kitchen space or the user’s preferences or needs. They are installed to fit flush into the cabinetry and can be used comfortably. In addition, Fagor’s dishwasher column storage center is ergonomically designed to position the dishwasher 18 inches above the floor, eliminating the need for bending while loading and unloading dishes. The stainless steel European-styled column includes three storage compartments that can accommodate flatware and gadgets, dinnerware and cookware. When designing for “aging in place,” for disabled individuals, or, for homes with children, there is no safer cooking technology available than induction. Fagor offers built-in induction units in 12-in., 30-in. and 36-in. sizes as well as portable units in both single and double cooking zone formats for added convenience. This flameless cooking technology works with magnetic energy to produce heat directly within the cooking vessel. Induction also has many other built-in features to prevent overheating and burning. For example, the coil will only produce energy when a pan, usually with a minimum diameter of 5 inches, is detected on the burner. Burners shut off automatically when a pan is removed, or, if a pot’s contents boil over. The risk of accidental burn is greatly reduced because there is no open flame and neither the surrounding cooktop nor cooking zone generally retain enough residual heat to cause injury. All three products may contribute to an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant design project.www.fagoramerican.com