Factory Made Doors and Windows from PGT Industries

PGT Industries’ three new impact-resistant door and window products for its Architectural Systems product line are designed with residential high-rise buildings in mind. The Storefront 3500 Series, consists of a commercial Storefront Entrance Door (ST3550) and a Storefront Window Wall System (WS3500). A Terrace Door (TER3050) is a new addition to the 3000 Series, which is ideal for condominium and apartment buildings.All these products save installation time and resources because it is a factory fabricated, pre-glazed system, enabling installers to reduce field labor by spending less time glazing units at the job site. This accommodates a faster closing of the building envelope and allows for other construction processes to move forward, thus streamlining timelines and reducing costs. In addition, it is ideal for impact-resistant product glazing to be done in a controlled environment, free of debris, contaminants and bad weather commonly found on job sites.  The products are customizable relating to configurations, hardware and sizes within the tested range. They come in three standard colors – white kynar, bronze kynar, and clear anodized, along with a wide range of custom colors. All configurations have passed the Miami-Dade Building Code testing and have NOA test reports available. http://www.pgtindustries.com