Extreme Series of Glass Tiles

The Extreme Series from Applied Coatings Group’s Modono Collection of glass tiles features intense color combinations in a range of textures designed to bring a new option for architects, specifiers and designers. Extreme utilizes bright colors for an active installation where the colors move and change, based on the lighting.The series is available in eight different textured patterns and 11 colors including Blue Grotto (pictured), Blue Viva, Chestnut Rose, Invitation Pink, Mother of Pearl, Orange Blast, Orchid Green, Oriental Turquoise, River Green, Steel Olive Gold and Sunrise. The tiles come in 11 different sizes ranging from 2-in. by 2-in. mosaics to 12-in. by 12-in. and 12-in. by 24-in. large format options. They can be installed using traditional thin-set methods or mechanically anchored in an architectural system for large-format installations. The Applied Coatings Group uses optical thin-film technology, creating designer-friendly glass tiles and panels that reflect and transmit specific wavelengths of color depending on the intensity and direction of the light source, as well as the viewer’s perspective.www.appliedcoatingsgroup.com