Energy-Efficient Top-Load Washers from Maytag

Maytag’s latest model of high-efficiency top-load washers and steam dryers, Bravos, is CEE Tier III energy qualified, offering the highest efficiency in the industry, delivering 70 percent water and 67 percent energy savings. Bravos offers the largest washer capacity at 4.7 cubic feet (IEC) and has a window in the lid.It includes a commercial-grade stainless steel wash basket that doesn’t chip, rust or stain, smooth balance hung suspension system with superior vibration control, double balancing rings to counter balance offbalance loads even during a 1,000-RPM spin, an impeller wash system with Sensi-Care technology, and the Gentle Breeze drying system with IntelliDry sensors.Maytag Bravos laundry also offers the power and convenience of steam. The Bravos steam dryer offers a variety of steam cycles, including the 15-minute “Rapid Refresh” setting, to quickly rejuvenate a single item or outfit. The “Custom Refresh” steam cycle is for larger loads and is ideal to reduce wrinkles with clothes left overnight in the dryer, or to refresh and deodorize throw pillows, comforters, curtains or stuffed animals.It conveniently connects to the existing laundry-room waterline, so there is no reservoir to fill, just on-demand steam cycles with the push of a button. Inside the dryer, a small nozzle distributes a fine mist of water throughout the heated dryer as clothes tumble. The heated air combines with mist to form steam to help relax wrinkles and remove odors from dry