Energy-Efficient Laundry Machines from Fagor

Fagor America’s new line of energy-efficient washing machines and dryers can wash and dry up to 18 pounds of laundry in a compact footprint of three cubic feet. The washers have earned an Energy Star rating for their moderate consumption of water and energy.The washing machines are equipped with a generous 13-in. hatch with 180-degree door opening capability for convenient access. It also features the Advanced Balance System (ABS), which electronically controls and balances weight distribution within the unit. This is expected to improve performance and considerably reduce noise level and vibrations. Other advanced functions include a convenient automatic push-button door opener and exclusive tilted drum, designed to create an ergonomically correct loading and unloading experience. The drum design is built to facilitate a thorough yet gentle removal of dirt with less wear and tear on garments. The machine also features an interactive LCD display. The display shows wash cycle and time duration, as well as advanced function and spin speed selection. A time delay function also allows you to easily pre-program the washing machine to have your wash cycle begin at a certain time.Fagor dryers feature a 32-gallon stainless-steel drum and are equipped with a reversing anti-crease system. This creates an intermittent rotation of the drum in both directions. It prevents wrinkles from forming and separates the garments.The dryers also feature a 180-degree door opening. In addition, they include an interior drum light that provides better illumination. Fagor washing machines and dryers are available in classic white or silver.