Electric Heater Supplies All-Year Warmth

The Dimplex DLW Series can be mounted to a ceiling or wall, with units ranging from 36 to 70 inches in length.
DLW Series electric heater. Image courtesy of Dimplex

Dimplex has released the DLW Series Outdoor/Indoor Radiant Electric Heater for year-round comfort in common areas. The heater’s slim, minimalist profile blends with indoor and outdoor spaces, such as lounge, gazebo, pool or open-air areas.  

The DLW Series provides sun-like warmth without emitting excessive visible light, so it’s suitable for low-light settings. Since the unit is fully electric, it provides heat for without any harmful emissions. The heater can be mounted to a ceiling or wall and includes poles that can be installed to adjust the height of your heater to best suit the space being heated.

DLW Series heaters provide warmth for areas up to 187 to 400 square feet and are available in black and white. Units range from 36- to 70-inch in length and are offered in wattages of 1,500, 2,400 and 3,200.