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Delaware Apartment Association Expands Scope of Se...

Delaware Apartment Association Expands Scope of Services

Since the economic crisis began, the apartment industry has looked for a variety of ways to help renters stay in their apartments. But sometimes, despite these efforts, residents do lose their homes. The Delaware Apartment Association wants to help.

As Kevin Wolfgang, President of the Delaware Apartment Association, points out, multifamily professionals are on the front lines of this hardship and they witness the devastating impact on families.

“Renters want to know where they can turn for information and help. Through our own experiences as apartment operators and our involvement in task forces,” says Wolfgang, “we found it incredible that there is no single agency, source or web site where renters in Delaware can go to get all the information, resources and support they need to successfully manage their rental experience.”

With these needs in mind, The Delaware Apartment Association now offers an online Renter Resource Center to help all renters manage the renting process from beginning to end.

The Renter Resource Center provides information ranging from financial assistance to online rental guides, community services to renter’s insurance, tenant’s right guides to employment assistant—and more.

“While the website was created for renters, we are very excited by all the positive feedback we have gotten from the nonprofit agencies, charities, branches of government, and state agencies that have chosen to become our partners,” comments Wolfgang. “If an organization who provides a service to renters wishes to be part of this website, we encourage them to contact us.”

For more details, contact Michelle Carre at DelawareApartmentAssociation@gmail.com.