‘Editor’s Notebook’ with Diana Mosher: Working Smarter Not Harder

In New York City the daffodils are in full bloom a...

In New York City the daffodils are in full bloom and you don’t have to go to Central Park to see them. You may not find any blooming flowers in Times Square, but in other parts of town urban landscaping is plentiful and quite effective. It provides excellent curb appeal—a concept that takes on a much more literal (and urgent) meaning in city environments where, frequently, only a small bit of sidewalk separates the entrance of an apartment building from the curb.

With smaller green footprints to design and care for, urban locales generally mean easier—and less costly—landscaping choices.

One of the highest-priced aspects of suburban multifamily landscaping is turf maintenance. IREM reports in its April Journal of Property Management that some multifamily communities are opting for low-maintenance ground covers rather than maintaining a lawn. They’re realizing savings as a result of reduced water use and lower fuel and labor costs associated with lawn mowing. Ground covers, on the other hand, only need occasional pruning.

What’s your approach to curb appeal, landscaping, and water management? What type of irrigation system do you have, and does it employ sensors that detect when watering is (and isn’t) needed?

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