‘Editor’s Notebook’ with Diana Mosher: Weigh in on S&P’s Debt Downgrade and Other Topics

Have you visited the MHN home page lately? Next ti...

Have you visited the MHN home page lately? Next time you’re there, we hope you’ll take a minute or two to share your viewpoint by participating in our poll. The topic right now is President Obama’s new mortgage plan allowing more underwater homeowners to restructure their Fannie/Freddie mortgages. We want to know if you think the plan will:

1) Slow multifamily growth because it well help the market swing back to homeownership; 2) Help multifamily growth because Gen-Y does not see the importance of homeownership; 3) Have no impact on multifamily; or 4) It’s too soon to tell.

The previous poll was about the impact of Standard & Poor’s U.S. debt downgrade on the multifamily industry. These are the results:

  • 21 percent of respondents said “a large impact”
  • 48 percent said “a negligible impact”
  • 31 percent said “no impact on the multifamily industry

MHN’s finance expert Keat Foong interviewed James Manzi at Standard & Poor’s for the November issue of the MHN magazine (click here for our digital edition). Their conversation covered a range of topics from the possibility of a double dip recession to S&P’s thoughts on eliminating the GSEs. Email me at dmosher@multi-housingnews.com to suggest other poll topics as well as compelling people and companies you’d like to see covered in MHN Online.