‘Editor’s Notebook’ with Diana Mosher: Playing the ‘Community Living’ Card

People…. Planet…. Profit… Sounds like a recipe for...

People…. Planet…. Profit… Sounds like a recipe for real estate success. In a recent “letter to the editor,” a reader introduced us to Su Casa Properties and its Urban Village concept which looks for synergies between people, planet and profit as it rides an important multifamily trend: creating community among residents.

The Urban Village concept is now operating in Arizona and Utah.

We visited the website designed to introduce investors to Su Casa Properties and also saw mention of  Four Cornerstones of Green Restructuring with a full spectrum of over 50 green solutions that are selectively applied based upon each property’s condition. These solutions range from programmable thermostats and low E replacement windows to solar attic fans and grey water collection for irrigation. This sounds like an interesting story for MHN Online Daily.

In the meantime, click here to watch a video produced by Su Casa Properties describing the organic way in which it encourages resident programs to take shape. Hopefully in the near future we’ll also be able to watch a video about the Four Cornerstones of Green Restructuring.

“We were blown away to find that each leg of the stool actually supported the other, and that social responsibility and profitability are not mutually exclusive,” said Peter Slaugh, General Partner and Managing Member of Su Casa Properties. “Happier residents are directly correlated to reduced operating costs. Incorporating the triple bottom line structure (People, Planet, Profit) has created a financially-sound and socially-responsible practice that focuses on social, environmental and financial performance.”