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NAA Exhibitors ScentAir and Beaulieu Demonstrate t...

NAA Exhibitors ScentAir and Beaulieu Demonstrate the Role of Scent Management in the Apartment Business

We know that the smell of baking cookies can make a house more attractive to prospective buyers. So why not apply the same principle to rent apartments—or to keep residents from moving elsewhere when their leases are up?

There is a growing body of research on the sense of smell to affect consumer responses.

According to The Scent Marketing Institute, “scent can be highly effective in helping us distinguish
one product from another. It can trigger a memory or desire that
influences a purchase decision. Alternatively, scent can remind us of
pleasant associations, whether that is home, the beach or a meadow.
These associations help to create an environment in which we feel
comfortable… ‘at home.’ In a consumer setting this impacts our decision
to stay longer and consume more.”

Apartment marketers can select a familiar scent to appeal to a target demographic or create a totally signature identity for a portfolio properties. The marketing and branding possibilities are endless.

“The scent branding revolution has begun,” according to ScentAir, which demonstrated its ability to mimic a wide range of diverse scents at the NAA event in Las Vegas. For maximum effectiveness the scent needs to be just above the subconscious level. Delivery systems release fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.

ScentAir’s multifamily clients include Post Properties, Greystar, and Camden Property Trust.

Your brand’s signature fragrance in the club house is a good thing, but cooking and pets odors that linger after residents have moved out are not. Property owners and managers at the NAA event also stopped by Beaulieu of America for a look at its new Property Management Solutions program and exclusive Magic Fresh carpet treatment.

Magic Fresh helps extend the life of carpet in multifamily settings by reducing and eliminating common household odors like smoke, cooking, and pet odors. It’s a surface-active additive that relies on a proprietary salt-base compound similar to baking soda and is applied to Beaulieu carpet in liquid form as part of the finishing process. The Magic Fresh molecules bond to the carpet fibers and become a permanent part of the finished carpet, according to the manufacturer. Steam cleaning is reported not to reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

This Magic Fresh carpet treatment was the company’s focus at the show. “The benefits to the multi-housing property manager or owner are huge,” commented Patricia Flavin, Senior VP of Marketing. “This makes carpet an even more practical flooring choice, especially for pet-friendly properties.” Beaulieu conducted Magic Fresh demonstrations for visitors at the booth.

Beaulieu was also spreading the word about its Property Management Solutions program created as part of its new focus on the multffamily sector. This interest is fueled, according to Beaulieu executives, by the increasing demand for apartments as a result of the economy, growing immigrant populations, and changing demographics which are fueling a projected growth in the U.S of $1.1 trillion in new apartment buildings by 2030. Beaulieu says it intends to be a major floor covering brand serving this growing market.