‘Editor’s Notebook’ More Apartment Marketing Take-Aways (or ‘Tweets I Should Have Posted’)

I just got back from the NAA conference in New Orl...

I just got back from the NAA conference in New Orleans. Attended lots of great sessions with my MHN colleague Anu Kher (including Social Media Marketing Fact and Fiction and How Good Is Your Property’s Crisis Management Plan) enjoyed catching up with industry folks, shot lots of videos for MHN TV which we’ll begin posting this week, and saw some interesting products which we’ll cover in the August issue of MHN magazine.

On the flight back I came across some notes scribbled in April during the Apartment Internet Marketing Conference. I meant to turn them into something longer, but got busy with other projects. It’s time to clean house and move on, so I share them here. Let me know if they resonate. As always, I can be reached at dmosher@multi-housingnews.com.

• Real time information overload? Does social media dominate your time? You can remove yourself from the scene by committing “social media suicide.”

• Mass mingling = impromptu meetings being fostered by social media + mobile

• Is social media reputation management or a way to increase sales? No right or wrong answer. Use it as a proactive brand-driven sales discussion.

• The current information overload situation will result in much of the social commentary going ignored. We will only pay attention to known people.

Geofencing: this time next year we will all be talking about this next step in mobile marketing

Bar codes will be big. We’re ten years behind the times in the U.S.

• Now’s the time to explore 3D marketing software tools.

• Hire people to post online videos which will include the user. Trend will develop with prospect put into picture of community.

• Don’t ignore the power of live video chat customer service. Engagement helps to address concerns, answer questions for residents and prospects.

Click here for my report from AIM including how the field of neuromarketing can deliver more accurate focus group insights by measuring true subconscious reactions.