EDITOR’S NOTE: The Season of Sharing

By Teresa O’Dea Hein, Managing EditorWith so many companies now cutting back on holiday celebrations, this could be the season when property managers can really make a difference in their residents’ lives as well as in their communities. Simple opportunities for get-togethers may now be appreciated more than in previous years when budgets were more lavish. Perhaps the time is right for a return to basics, like a homemade cookie exchange or carol singing. This is the time of year that people especially value warm greetings and times together. They’re a welcome antidote to the worrisome headlines of daily news reports..And with reduced corporate support, many charities are feeling more of a pinch in carrying out their mission. Maybe you could organize residents to help fill in those funding gaps. Or better yet, announce that in January, after the holiday hubbub has dissipated but the needs for philanthropy are even greater, your community will carry on the spirit of the season with an initiative that’s to be determined. There’s no reason that generosity should end with the twelve days of Christmas.Remember, the gift of time costs the least and is worth the most. It’s presence—not presents—that matters most in the end.What are you doing this year to mark the holidays at your communities? What activities are most popular with your residents? Please email me (thein@multi-housingnews.com) about what your company is doing during these challenging times.