EDITOR’S NOTE: Embracing Change

By Teresa O’Dea Hein, Managing Editor While the election results are still coming in as I write this editor’s note, the idea of change does give us a lot to think about, whoever wins.When you really analyze it, it is inspiring how the world’s biggest nation peacefully transitions the power of leadership in an election. In contrast, some property management executives tightly clench the reins of leadership, stifling innovation and creativity.But every process eventually gets stagnant, slowly crossing the border from “tried and true” into “old and boring.” While new approaches can be scary and open the potential for risk, they also can pave the way for greater success. The important element is the management of change.Without change, natural entities begin dying — don’t let decay set in at your organization. Change it up. Embrace change in your own operations. And don’t forget to vote! How are you incorporating change in your own property management organization? Please email me (thein@multi-housingnews.com) about what your company is doing to cope with, manage and even inspire change. What is working best for you? What advice would you share with your fellow property management executives?