Eastham Capital Relocates to the Sunshine State

Eastham Capital officially traded Beantown for some palm trees.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.—Eastham Capital officially traded Beantown for some palm trees.

“While we currently own multifamily properties in 11 states, Eastham Capital continues to look everywhere in the US for new opportunities,” Eric Silverman, Eastham Capital co-founder and co-managing director, told MHN. “Florida and the Southeast are certainly areas where we would like to grow our investment business. Additionally, we have investors in our Funds from more than 30 states, and we expect to grow our Florida and Southeast investor base as well.”

easthamWhen Matthew Rosenthal, co-founder and co-managing director of Eastham Capital, and Silverman decided to relocate their private equity firm from Needham, Massacusetts, to Boca Raton, Florida, they looked to the realtor representing the seller from whom Rosenthal bought his home to broker the commercial deal.

Managing Partner of MMD Realty Michelle Farber Ross met Rosenthal as the potential buyer of the estate her client was selling in a private enclave in Boca Raton. Rosenthal was concurrently looking for commercial real estate for Eastham Capital to relocate. It’s typically unusual for a residential realtor to successfully crossover into commercial real estate, but with numerous contacts in both areas she was able to guide Rosenthal through both deals.

Eastham Capital is now located at 6001 Broken Sound Parkway, Suite 510, Boca Raton, FL 33487.

“Originally we were looking to acquire a building, but none of those transactions panned out,” said Rosenthal. “We ended up renting space rather than buying and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the location or the deal Michelle put together with Jason Carros of Stoltz Realty who represented the landlord. She helped us accomplish exactly what we wanted and needed to get done. This was an excellent move for Eastham Capital and for our investors. The increased proximity to our investments is reason enough to cheer and we look forward to continuing to invest in strategic multifamily properties nationwide from our new location.”

Eastham Capital is the manager of the Eastham Capital real estate funds. Eastham Capital Funds I through III area private equity real estate funds that are fully invested in U.S. multifamily real estate. Eastham Capital Fund IV is fully funded and currently investing its capital.