Don’t Pour a New Concrete Floor Without Dependable’s Newest Moisture Mitigation Product

Dependable has unveiled a new moisture mitigation product for concrete slab floors.

vaporseal HM 556px - MHN.comConcrete slab floors are a quick and durable solution for multifamily construction. Advances in mixture and delivery systems have made poured concrete slabs one possible solution for more complex jobs like high-rise communities. Optimal conditions call for the slab to cure underneath a watertight roof with an operating HVAC system. But this is not an ideal world, and tilt construction, semi-prefabricated and high-rise buildings are often not weather tight when floors are being poured. The solution is a moisture mitigation product, and Dependable has one of the highest performing products on the market.

Vaporseal –HM is a new 100-percent-solid epoxy moisture mitigation system for concrete slabs. It can be used in product treating areas where the relative humidity is up to 100 percent. In addition, the product is easy to use with a one-to-one mix ratio and long shelf life of up to two years. Each 10 gallon kit comes with a lid with spout for easy pouring and mixing and contains enough Vaporseal –HM to cover 700 square feet of concrete slab surface.

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