Diamond Cabinets Introduces Biometric-Secured Drawer

The product uses fingerprint technology and does not require a code. A manual key lock provides a backup method of entry.
Biometric Secured Drawer. Image courtesy of MasterBrand

MasterBrand, a large cabinet manufacturer in North America, has introduced a biometric-secured drawer to the company’s Diamond Cabinets brand. The product is a standard drawer with an installed self-locking mechanism on the inside to keep objects safe. The Secured Drawer features advanced sensor biometric technology from The Master Lock Co., a global manufacturer of padlocks and related security products.  

The drawer’s sensor technology sees past contaminants and imperfections and assures fast and accurate scans that grant or restrict fingerprint-based access to valuables inside the drawer. The fingerprint reader can store up to 100 unique fingerprints and there is no code required.

To access the cabinet, the user pulls the drawer and the cabinet will open slightly, revealing only the fingerprint sensor and battery. Once the fingerprint is used to grant access, the drawer will open fully. The drawer comes with a manual key lock as a backup method of entry. The product is available in 18-inch, 21-inch and 24-inch-wide base drawer cabinets measuring 24 inches deep.