Dallas Housing Authority Faces Major Changes If Accounting Issues Aren’t Corrected

Dallas–The Dallas Housing Authority’s future is unclear following a federal audit and allegations of poor accounting, the Dallas Morning News reports.In December, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General’s audit found that the housing authority couldn’t account for nearly $3.8 million in HUD funds that were earmarked for providing rental assistance. The agency was advised to either produce documentation for the money or repay it.Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert said that if the organization did not fix its accounting issues within six months, it would receive new leadership.Dallas Housing Authority officials say they have made a number of improvements since the mayor’s warning. Housing officials have been meeting with HUD to correct issues outlined in the audit, according to HUD spokeswoman Patricia Campbell.On Friday, Leppert said he would hold off on making any decisions about the housing authority’s future until he examines an independent report due in late June from a Fort Worth certified public accountant.With an annual budget of more than $250 million, the DHA gives housing assistance to 60,000 residents, primarily through rent subsidies, according to the Morning News.