D.C. Now Home to Green Garages

After green offices, green apartments, green homes or green schools, the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area is now also home to green garages.
Green US Garages

After green offices, green apartments, green homes and green schools, what’s next? How about green garages? On July 1, the Green Parking Council released a list of the first seven parking facilities in the country to achieve Green Garage Certification. Two of them are located in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.

The Green Garage Certification program was launched by the GBC in 2015 and is the only such rating system in the world. The program recognizes parking facility management practices that maximize performance while minimizing waste. In order to evaluate parking facilities, it looks at 48 elements of garage operation, programs, structure and technology. There are currently four levels of Green Garage Certification: Pioneer, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Green Garage Certification Elements

The two greater Washington parking facilities are located in Silver Spring and Tysons Corner. They are located in the Silver Spring Metro Center and the Westpark Corporate Center. The remaining five garages are in Los Angeles; Houston; Denver; Cambridge, Mass.; and Ithaca, N.Y. According to the GBC, such facilities use energy-efficient lighting and ventilation systems, guidance systems that help drivers find parking faster, idle-reduction technologies, electric vehicle fueling stations, car sharing, bicycle parking, and storm water management practices.

“Cars are getting smarter, people are getting smarter, and parking garages are getting smarter,” Paul Wessel, executive director of the GPC, said in a statement for the press. “The greening of parking facilities transforms them into enablers of sustainable mobility. Certified Green Garages offer significant benefits for drivers, tenants, building owners, property managers and society overall.”

“This is a milestone for the parking industry and profession. These agents of change are leveraging innovative business practices, accelerating the adoption of smart technologies and embracing open-source collaboration,” GPC Chairman John Schmid added.

Green Business Certification Inc., the certification body for the U.S. Green Building Council‘s global LEED green building rating system, will promote the Green Garage Certification program all over the world.

Photo credit: www.greenparkingcouncil.org