Crossville Releases New Tile, Hits Recycling Benchmark

Crossville, a Tennessee-based manufacturer of tile for residential and commercial applications, has achieved SCS certification for its waste recycling programs. The company has also released Bluestone, a new line of tile that is comprised of 20 percent recycled materials.

Crossville - Bluestone

Crossville, Tenn.—Crossville, a Tennessee-based manufacturer and provider of tile for commercial and residential properties, has become the first and only U.S. tile manufacturer to achieve certification of its waste recycling programs through Scientific Certification Systems. Each tile now has at least 4 percent recycled content from TOTO, a manufacturer of sustainable plumbing products, and additional recycled content from its own waste. Some new Crossville products have been achieving recycled content levels up to 50 percent.

These new recycling practices should prevent approximately 12 million pounds of waste from entering landfills each year. The measure actually makes Crossville a net consumer of waste, meaning the company consumes more manufacturing waste than it generates.

The newly released Bluestone line is comprised of 20 percent recycled material. The tile is based on naturally occurring bluestone, and is enhanced with fossil-like impressions and a subtle presence of embedded shells. The tile comes in both honed and natural finishes. It’s available in four colors—Colorado Buff, Arizona Brown, Pennsylvania Blue and Vermont Black—and a variety of sizes.

Crossville products can contribute to LEED points, and the manufacturing facility employs a number of stainable practices. Over 99 percent of water used in the creation of tile is reused. Crossville is also the only tile producer with a tile take-back program, which allows previous installed tile from any manufacturer to be returned to Crossville for recycling.