Cooper Square Realty Honors Earth Day

Cooper Square Realty and its energy affiliate, FS Energy, hosted a Sustainability Expo to commemorate Earth Day.

Cooper Square Realty Sustainability Expo

New York—Cooper Square Realty and its energy affiliate, FS Energy, hosted a Sustainability Expo on Friday, April 20 to commemorate Earth Day. More than 300 building superintendents, resident managers and employees attended the expo, which showcased a broad spectrum of goods, services and technologies addressing sustainability in the multifamily residential market.

“As the largest residential management company in New York City, Cooper Square Realty is in a unique position to educate our employees and building staff on the benefits—both in terms of cost reduction and environmental impact—of sustainable building systems and practices,” says David Kuperberg, CEO of Cooper Square Realty and FS Energy. “By providing this platform for more collaboration and awareness, attendees gained knowledge that will help to ‘green’ the 500-plus condos, co-ops and rental properties that we manage.”

The event featured nearly 20 suppliers. Demonstrations included sustainable cleaning products and supplies, lawn and tree care, water management, dry cleaning, lighting, heating controls and pest extermination. Displays also highlighted onsite shredding services; electronics recycling;, Zipcar, the world’s largest car sharing service; and Re-fashioNYC, a clothing recycling partnership with the City of New York.

Several seminars were held during the event. Isabelle Silverman from the Environmental Defense Fund and Ken Camilleri from ICF International addressed the phase out of “dirty” oil in New York City; Ron Vitori, LEED AP, of Green Peak Group, explained lighting retrofit projects and their associated energy savings, cost savings and environmental benefits; FS Project Management showcased the ecological, technical and economic benefits of green roofs; and FS Energy addressed why energy efficiency is the most important part of the green movement.

Participating suppliers and organizations included Bug Doctor/Dow Agro Sciences, Edible Schoolyard NYC, Environmental Defense Fund, FS Energy, FS Project Management, Green Apple Cleaners, Green Peak Group, Heat Timer Corp., ICF International, JAD Corp. of America, National Maintenance Supplies, New York Water Management, Pearlgreen Corp., Proshred Security, Re-fashioNYC, Queens Garden Florist & Landscape Design, Siplast, The 4th Bin and Zipcar.

Attendees “adopted” plants, purchased home grown herbs, and made a “Sustainability Pledge” to reduce their use of non-recyclable materials. More than $2,000 was raised through purchases of plants and herbs at the event. All proceeds were donated to Edible Schoolyard NYC, which aims to provide NYC’s one million public school students with the knowledge and skills required to make healthier choices for themselves and for the planet.