Cooper Lighting

Cooper Lighting has a new line of square trims for its Halo H3 small aperture line of recessed lights. The dual-listed trims can be used with low voltage 50W MR16 as well as line voltage 50W GU10 lamps, depending on the housing need.The trims come in three different styles including an Adjustable, Adjustable Gimbal and a Regressed Lens Adjustable Shower light. The Adjustable trims are useful for directing light to accent a particular area, wall hangings, mantels or tasks. The Adjustable Gimbal provides for a significant degree of vertical adjustment and the Regressed Lens Adjustable Shower light is designed specifically for use in shower applications or any other wet locations.The Halo H3 square trims are available in Halo’s new high quality designer metallic finish of Satin Nickel, Antique Copper and Tuscan Bronze, as well as with white with black baffle, white with white baffle and black with black baffle. The H3 square trims install into Halo’s existing H3 round aperture housings, which allow the trim to be adjusted for the right trim alignment. You would need to adjust some trims before placing it in the housing and others you can rotate to a desired position and adjust the tilting portion up or down.The H3 series features a housing for every type of