Coinmach/ASI to Exclusively Provide LG’s Energy-Efficient Front-Load Machines to Multi-Housing Market

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorPlainview, N.Y.–Coinmach/ASI recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with LG Electronics to provide LG laundry machines to its multi-housing customers across the United States.Coinmach/ASI laundry rooms, operating with LG’s new card and coin laundry systems, are expected to deliver greater efficiency and consume less water and energy than conventional washers.Coinmach/ASI has 80,000 customers and close to 800,000 installed machines in multifamily communities. The company plans to offer the LG machines through a phased-out process. It is expected that by the end of the year, all the U.S. markets will have access to them. “We are being very careful because our staff needs to be trained to service these machines,” David Goldenberg, who was involved in the LG deal and is president of ASI Campus Laundry Solutions, a division of Coinmach, tells MHN.The equipment is currently in the pipeline and the first machines will be installed in the next 30-90 days.LG Electronics’ machines utilize the commercial market’s first belt-free, direct-drive motor, offering improved dependability and efficiency. The company’s front-load washers boost water savings by up to 47 percent versus conventional top-load commercial washers. This energy efficiency, combined with large load capacities and cycle times as short as 30 minutes, substantially increase a property’s overall utility savings.“I believe over time, the market is moving toward front-load machines because they are more energy-efficient. But this will evolve over time,” Goldenberg says.LG systems can also be integrated into Coinmach/ASI’s online laundry monitoring programs. This real-time system provides residents enhanced convenience with the ability to check the availability of a machine or its remaining cycle time and delivers instant cycle completion notifications via email, cell phone or PDA. At colleges and universities, where LG machines will be available next year, the card machines equipped with the online system can also accept a school ID or PIN code to activate and pay for use.