Cityline Partners Plans 40-Acre Tysons Corner Transformation

McLean, Va.-- Cityline Partners of McLean, Va. has unveiled a plan for the long-term transformation of about 40 acres of land in Tysons Corner, Va. into an integrated mix of residential, office, hotel, retail and civic uses surrounding an improved Scotts Run Stream Valley Park.

McLean, Va.– Cityline Partners of McLean, Va. has unveiled a plan for the long-term transformation of about 40 acres of land in Tysons Corner, Va. into an integrated mix of residential, office,  hotel, retail and civic uses surrounding an improved Scotts Run Stream Valley Park.

Cityline Partners, a subsidiary of New York City-based DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners (DLJ RECP), has filed an application with Fairfax County, Va. to rezone the property, currently referred to as Scotts Run Station, to fulfill the vision of the County’s recently adopted Comprehensive Plan for the Tysons Corner Urban Center.

Cityline is proposing a mix of uses totaling approximately 8.5 million gross square feet. The rezoning application also includes private and public open space well above the County’s requirement.

The 40-acre property, formerly known as Westgate Office Park, is located on the north and south sides of the main Tysons Corner artery, Route 123. Scotts Run Station South, with nearly 30 acres, is bounded on the west by the I-495, the Capital Beltway, and on the east by Route 267, the Dulles Airport Access Road. It will be linked by a pedestrian bridge to the Tysons East Metro station. Scotts Run Station North, with approximately 10 acres, is located adjacent to the Metro station on the north side of Route 123.  Approximately one-third of the larger southern site is located within one-eighth of a mile from the Metro station; 85 percent is within one quarter mile of the station. All of the northern portion is located within one quarter mile of the Metro station.

On July 22, 2010, DLJ RECP acquired West*Group’s Tysons Corner holdings, comprising 114 acres and 22 existing buildings, most of which were built in the 1970s. DLJ RECP then formed Cityline Partners to own, manage and develop the portfolio. After selling some of the properties,  Cityline Partners is ready to move forward with the redevelopment of the remaining land.

“We don’t want to turn this area into a ‘concrete canyon,’” says Tom Fleury, executive vice president,  Cityline Partners. “We are looking to redevelop the property into a transit-oriented, walkable, sustainable mixed-use development with Scotts Run Stream Valley Park as a focal point and natural amenity. Office buildings will be rotated to break up their mass and create a less imposing façade along Route 123. Building heights will taper down as you move away from the Metro station.”

The focal point of this new development will be Scotts Run Stream Valley Park, which runs through the southern portion of the site and borders the northern portion. Consistent with the Comprehensive Plan, this area would become a major linear urban park with a trail system that will benefit current and future Tysons Corner residents and office workers, while providing connectivity to other parts of Tysons Corner.

“We have embraced the County’s plan and intermixed the residential and commercial buildings surrounding this natural amenity not only for visual benefit, but also to animate the park both daytime and nighttime,” notes Tasso Flocos, senior vice president of Cityline Partners. “Scotts Run Stream Valley Park is a jewel to be discovered and not found elsewhere in such close proximity to an urban Metro station.”

The County’s Comprehensive Plan for Tysons calls for expanding the existing road network to create an urban grid of streets surrounding walkable blocks. In conformance with this directive, Scotts Run Station South would have a new main street, called Station Street, paralleling Route 123 and serving as an east-west connector.  Designed to host community events such as festivals and outdoor performances, Station Street would connect with existing north-south streets to create a grid facilitating both pedestrian and vehicular connectivity. Street trees, landscaping, and ground-level retail space will enhance the pedestrian experience.

Cityline’s development master plan scenario includes long-term development of 21 new buildings, including nine multifamily  buildings, 11 office buildings, one full-service hotel and ground-level retail space in many of the buildings.

One of the County’s major goals in transforming Tysons Corner is to increase the number of residents, from about 17,000 today to about 100,000 over the coming decades. Cityline’s plan for the Scotts Run Station South redevelopment would create 2,812 new multifamily dwelling units, expected to house over 4,912 new residents. All new residents will enjoy easy pedestrian access to Metro, convenience retail, indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities, and many other amenities. Much of the proposed residential development in the southern portion, as well as the proposed full-service hotel, will overlook and have easy pedestrian access to Scotts Run Stream Valley Park.