Charles Dunn Taps Figueroa Capital Group to Grow Business

Los Angeles–Figueroa Capital Group has reached an agreement with Charles Dunn Real Estate Services Inc. to develop asset management business for them with financial institutions.  Figueroa Capital Group will identify and approach financial institutions needing assistance with management of their real estate assets, providing comprehensive asset services including:  property management, long-term investment and risk analysis, and reposition and disposition of assets.“With foreclosures on the rise for all property types, financial institutions have a greater need for guidance and services,” says Walter F. Conn, president and CEO of Figueroa Capital Group. “Our banking relationships and proven marketing abilities, and Charles Dunn’s deep asset management expertise and resources, make this a natural fit during these changing economic times.”Conn, the former COO of Charles Dunn, resigned five years ago to establish a financial services platform, but remained close to the business.“The business model Charles Dunn Real Estate Services has executed successfully for decades is the protection, maintenance and maximization of value of their client’s assets,” says Conn. Launched in 2007 Figueroa Capital Group is known for consistently delivering mortgage debt and equity for their clients in light of the liquidity crisis in the capital markets.  The firm’s unique approach emphasizes the early identification and mitigation of potential obstacles through intensive upfront due diligence and a high attention to detail throughout the funding process.“We are confident that Figueroa’s extensive relationships within the financial community and unique knowledge of our firm’s strengths and abilities will effectively help us grow our asset management portfolio,” says Florence Wang, chief financial officer.