Campus Apartments Completes Shippensburg U. Residence Upgrades

The second phase of a development project to upgrade all on-campus residences at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania is complete.
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Shippensburg, Pa.—The second phase of a development project to upgrade all on-campus residences at Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania is complete. Announcement of the work’s completion was made by Shippensburg University Student Services Inc. (SUSSI) and Campus Apartments, a company involved in the development and management of university-affiliated real estate.

The project is part of a multi-phase housing renewal plan begun in 2011 at Shippensburg. Since then, Campus Apartments has developed six new residences. The $65 million second phase featured the construction of a trio of new residences accommodating 922 students on the campus’s south side.

These residences, which offer more than 292,000 square feet of living and learning space, feature semi-suite and full-suite floor plans, and common areas and lounges designed for studying and student interaction. Also included in the project is green space for outdoor leisure and recreational pursuits.

“Shippensburg University was looking to replace its entire stock of on-campus facilities to improve the quality of housing and reshape the campus environment,” Warren H. Burke, Jr., vice president of development with Campus Apartments, tells MHN. “To meet the needs of students, university administrators wanted to develop on-campus housing that did more than just put ‘heads in beds.’ They wanted to develop live-learn facilities that integrated the college living experience with the instructional and intellectual growth experience.”

Philadelphia-based Campus Apartments was selected in 2010 to replace the university’s 2,700-bed housing stock. The selection was made by SUSSI, an independent, non-profit organization serving as the voice for the student community on policies governing general student welfare.

A number of challenges presented themselves in the upgrade process. “The integration of non-housing-related departments in the building posed a challenge with the university’s concerns [about] student safety,” Burke says.

“Finding the perfect blend of access to these departments—Honors, Health and Counseling—and integration into the existing building that felt seamless was a difficult but ultimately solvable task. The final solution evolved to locate these amenities in areas with their own at-grade access [made possible by] the rolling topography of the campus.”

This solution resulted in the creation of main focal destinations for students and staff. “The end result was a beautiful space that all parties were really pleased with,” Burke says.

“This project helped Shippensburg University reach its goal of providing top-quality housing to all students. [That] improves the quality of life for the current student population and helps to attract new students in the future. The new living, social and study spaces provide students with an environment that fosters collaboration and improves the ways they interact with one another on campus.”