The new compact Algonquin bathroom speaker from Axiom Audio is fully waterproof, enabling it to withstand exposure to water and moisture. The unit’s rear bass port is angled upward inside the cabinet to prevent water from entering. The port is also screened to make sure bass sounds get out, but water doesn’t get in.The Algonquin binding posts are gold-plated and covered in plastic to prevent rust. The plastic/metal grille ensures that the speaker’s drivers are protected, while the plastic housing around the unit’s rear cable inputs offers additional protection.The Algonquin speakers are based on the company’s M3 bookshelf unit, winner of the SoundStage! Reviewer’s Choice Award and GoodSound! Product of the Year. Comprised of a 1-in. titanium tweeter and 6.5-in. aluminum woofer, each speaker provides clear, high-fidelity response. The 13.5-in.high by 8.5-in. wide by 8.25-in. deep cabinets are sized for optimal sound output, yet are small enough to be unobtrusively mounted anywhere in the bathroom.You can match the Algonquin speakers to a bathroom color scheme with a choice of arctic white, almond bisque, cape cod grey or spiced rum finish. Algonquin speakers can also be painted to match specific structural colors.The Algonquin speakers include a threaded mounting receptacle that accepts most speaker brackets, including the company’s full metal bracket. For horizontal mounting situations, Axiom’s ceiling bracket can be used.