Award-Winning Seniors Community Highlights Importance of Accessibility

KTGY Group Inc., Architecture + Planning, announced their new community Foursquare Senior Living in Portland, Ore., which is expected to commence construction in the spring of 2012.

Portland, Ore.—There are many differences between baby boomers and Gen X and Y. However when it comes to multifamily requests, there is one big similarity: They all want to live in transit and pedestrian-friendly communities. KTGY Group Inc., Architecture + Planning, is hoping to appeal to these boomers with their new community Foursquare Senior Living in Portland, Ore., which is expected to commence construction in the spring of 2012.

“The senior renter has a lot in common with the Gen Y renter even though they are two generations removed,” Manny Gonzalez, principal, KTGY, tells MHN. “They tend to prefer more of a contemporary design and want to be where the action is.”

Foursquare Senior Living, which will be easily accessible to the downtown area, is a new $29 million pedestrian-oriented mixed-use senior community. The community will offer 132 one- and two bedroom apartments for seniors aged 62 and over. This will include 110 one-bedroom, one-bathroom units and 22 two-bedroom, two-bathroom units.

Amenities will include “outdoor rooms” for residents to relax, as well as a recreational center with a hobby/craft room, a comber center and a fitness center.

Additionally, Foursquare Senior Living will feature green elements. It will have a rooftop garden terrace, which doubles as an eco-roof storm water treatment system.

The community will be designed not only to be functional, but also to be appealing.

“Most of the architecture you find in Portland is contemporary, so not only is the design appropriate for the area, but the urban look of the community will appeal to the senior renter as well,” Gonzalez says. “Its location will be at the terminus of the trolley line extension so the residents will only be a short ride away from all the activities available in downtown Portland. Couple that with the retail they will find on the ground floor of their own building and within walking distance in the neighborhood, and the future residents of Foursquare Senior Living will have easy access to just about any activity they could ever want.”

Foursquare Senior Living recently received high honors at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) 2012 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla., at both the Best in American Living Award (BALA) and 50+ Housing Council’s Best of 50+ Housing Awards ceremonies.

All the amenities and features make a successful community, but, according to Gonzalez, it all comes back to being transit- and pedestrian-friendly.

“Being close to transit, access to dining and entertainment and the ability to enjoy some of the things that come with urban city life for seniors are important amenities outside the multifamily community itself,” Gonzalez says in a press statement. “The age-old standard of ‘Location, location, location’ makes all the difference to these seniors.”