ASKO Dishwashers with World’s Largest Loading Capacity

The 5000 series XXL dishwashers by ASKO has more usable space than any other dishwasher on the market. These dishwashers have a taller tank that allows for additional usable capacity, while the installation dimensions remain standard.Despite its capacity the XXL dishwashers look small. They can hold up to 17 place settings—that is 40% more than traditional dishwashers. The interior of the dishwasher is comprised of a four-level, six-rack system.The top rack is adjustable and the additional rack has removable baskets. The washers provide up to three PowerZones and the TurboFan system dries everything, including plastic ware. Oversized items, like pizza pans and stock pots, can be washed alongside other dishes. The stainless steel dishwashers have a TouchProof coating, which makes them fingerprint resistant and easy to clean. They also have low noise levels with low water and energy