If your residents aren’t happy, they might not renew the lease.

Apartment appliances are an often-overlooked aspect of multifamily living. Residents want updated and stylish appliances. This month we asked Kingsley Associates to find out how residents view their appliances.

❝ When I moved in a few issues were promised to be resolved and never were, such as the refrigerator never making ice. They offered plastic ice trays —how great for a supposedly upscale apartment! ❞

—Portland, Ore.

❝ All appliances are out of date, and while they are in working order, they are of lesser quality than they should be for the price of the apartment. ❞

—St. Paul, Minn.

❝ The apartment appliances are poor quality. We should be able to buy our own appliances. ❞

—Newcastle, Wash.

❝ An updated stove made a difference in my decision to rent this apartment. Some apartments have older kitchen appliances than others. As a cook I want appliances that represent the commitment of management to keep the apartment features maintained and up to date in alignment with the standards of the rental community. ❞

—Austin, Texas.

❝ Apartments are nice. Wish appliances were more up to date and energy efficient. ❞

—San Diego

❝ Appliances are just run-of-the-mill bargain models wrapped in a thin layer of stainless steel. A fridge with more storage and dishwasher that does a better job cleaning would be very welcome. ❞


❝ My washer sounds like a freight train and the stove is very old. For the rental rates, the appliances need to be updated. ❞

—Cherry Hill, N.J.

❝ Based on the model apartment, I expected new appliances. But the apartment we rented had old appliances, which was a bit disappointing. But, overall, we are happy with our stay and prompt service. ❞

—Bellevue, Wash.

❝ Ensure all appliances are working properly before move-in. Dishwasher doesn’t function properly, which is frustrating. ❞

—Pasadena, Calif.

❝ For the price you pay for this place, there should be upgrades in the apartment. Also, the kitchens should have a microwave built in over the stove as you are already tight on space in
the kitchen. ❞

—San Rafael, Calif.

❝ Green amenities/appliances are a nice bonus, and there are ways to incorporate them such that costs are neutral. I’m unlikely to pay a premium just so I can say I live in a LEED Gold building. ❞


❝ I’m extremely upset about our refrigerator. Twice now, we’ve lost food—and that’s after making three or four calls. Most recently we lost all the food in our freezer, amounting to a lot of lost money, and the issue is still not resolved. I want to cry, it’s so upsetting. ❞

—San Diego