Apartment Guide Launches Spanish Language Listing Website

By Erika Schnitzer, Associate EditorAtlanta–Apartment Guide recently launched its Spanish language Website, RentRentar.com, to help Spanish-speaking apartment seekers find a home.“We launched the Website because we knew there was a growing population in the country of Hispanic residents, and we thought there was a need to branch into that space,” Arlene Mayfield, president of Apartment Guide, tells MHN.The site, which can be accessed at www.rentrentar.com or through the “En Espanol” link on ApartmentGuide.com, currently includes basic existing listings that include on-site Spanish-speaking employees. The client, or property manager, has the opportunity to purchase an enhanced listing, for $50 to $80, which will provide more details to the apartment seeker about the property. After 90 days, the basic listings will be removed from the site. Though it is too soon for any hard results, Mayfield asserts that the feedback from clients has been positive. “We anticipate it will make property managers’ jobs easier. We know there’s a growing Hispanic population in the U.S., as well as a demand for housing and communication with property managers,” she says. Additionally, the site helps prospective renters to become more qualified leads, which in turn results in a better percentage of rentals.Though Apartment Guide has discussed launching similar sites in other languages, no firm decisions have yet been made.