Apartment Dwellers Live for Families, Fun and Shopping

By Anuradha Kher, Online News EditorAustin, Texas–Since the launch of its “Live4” section in October 2007, Apartment Home Living, a company that uses tools such as mobile messaging and online compatibility to find apartments for its clients, has received over 49,000 answers to the question, “what do you live for?” Future and current apartment residents, which Apartment Home Living refers to as “Apartmentites,” from across the U.S. and around the world, answered this question and the company made the results public. The answers range from shopping, which ranked as the third most popular reason to live for, to the most often cited “families.” The second most popular reason to live cited by users of the Web site, apartmenthomeliving.com, was kids, with over 1,500 apartment dwellers sharing this response.“Living for fun” ranked as the eight highest cited reason current or future apartment dwellers live for. “I just knew people who needed apartments were fun, that their lives focused around doing fun things, in fun places, with fun people,” says Krista Washbourne, director of marketing for Apartment Home Living. The complete list of what “apartmentites” live for is on the company’s Web site, apartmenthomeliving.com/livefor.