American Valve’s Scald Prevention Bath Line

American Valve’s new product line, called HotStop Scald Prevention, features faucets, tub spouts, showerheads and hand showers, all of which contain a patent-pending temperature actuated flow control (TAFR) feature certified to ASSE Standard 1062. This feature is designed to reduce water flow to a trickle when water reaches unsafe temperatures, and automatically return to normal flow after the temperature is reduced. Once the water in the line cools, the flow re-starts automatically—usually in less than 30 seconds. It still allows users to set water heater temperatures at a safe level to avoid Legionellae contamination. Because it is an end-point device, it can be installed in apartments and other areas where there is no access to behind-the-wall piping, and accommodates installations where different areas of the home require higher hot water temperatures.  All four products in the line have the HotStop scald protection built into the fixture.