Alliance Apartment Property in Arizona Wins LEED Platinum

Broadstone Lincoln, a 264-unit multifamily development in Scottsdale, Ariz., has won LEED-H Platinum certification.

Scottsdale, Ariz.—Broadstone Lincoln, a 264-unit multifamily development in Scottsdale, has won LEED-H Platinum certification. The property, at 7100 E. Lincoln Dr., is the second one nationwide by developer Alliance to earn that designation, which applies to single-family homes, low-rise multifamily (one to three stories), and mid-rise multifamily (four to six stories).

The developer implemented a wide range of building features to win Platinum, the highest level under the LEED system, including energy efficiency, water conservation, and other sustainable measures. The building has, among other things, an energy-efficient building envelope; recycled building materials; high-efficiency mechanical systems; water-saving fixtures and irrigation systems; environmentally-conscious landscaping; and high-efficiency low-E windows and EnergyStar appliances.

Also, the project team used sustainable finishing materials with exhaust fans and drains or pipes for moisture-control durability, and created a reduced-heat island effect with reflective roofing materials, paver ground covering, and landscaping that minimizes heat absorption. To improve indoor air quality, the structure has no unvented combustion appliances onsite, carbon monoxide monitors have been installed on each floor, and all residences feature enhanced exhausts in bathrooms.

HERS rater testing was completed in each apartment to inspect air tightness within the unit. HERS raters conduct onsite inspections, typically including a blower door test (to test the leakiness of the house) and a duct test (to test the leakiness of the ducts). Results of these tests, along with inputs derived from the plan review, are used to generate the HERS Index score for the a property (HERS is measurement of energy efficiency in residential property; the lower a property’s HERS Index, the more energy efficient it is.)

In addition to building improvements made to achieve Platinum, the project’s location near public transportation and various community resources within a half-mile walking distance support its claim to sustainable living. The property management follows Alliance’s Focus Green program, which it implements through sustainable purchasing policies, integrated IAQ management plans, and green cleaning practices. Focus Green is a program that seeks to reduce energy and resource usage.