Airius’ PureAir Fan Delivers Purified Air

The versatile unit uses ion technology to rid the air of pathogens without harming the environment.
Airius PureAir Fan. Image courtesy of Airius

Airius has released its new line of fans with technology that can minimize the transmission of airborne viruses and pathogens. The Airius PureAir line promotes cleaner indoor air within high-traffic and shared spaces and can also neutralize pathogens, bacteria, molds and odors.

The ion technology inside the fans replicates naturally occurring ions in the atmosphere that clean the air. The PureAir brings Global Plasma Solutions’ needlepoint bipolar ionization technology indoors to provide clean air using a nontoxic system that rules out byproducts that harm the environment. When charged air molecules disrupt pathogens’ surface proteins, they deactivate the proteins, resulting in cleaner air.

The unit’s compact size allows for easy installation and does not require any modification to HVAC systems. The PureAir system is offered in several models and free hanging or suspended installation options enable its integration with open, exposed ceilings and acoustic ceilings. The product is available in multiple fan capacities, voltages and colors.