Adache Launches Sales Division to Help Investors Make Bulk Purchases in Current Market

By Anuradha Kher, Online News Editor Ft. Lauderdale–In order to capitalize on the growing national and international demand for “opportunity investment” in the current real estate market, Adache Real Estate, a sales and marketing firm based in Ft. Lauderdale, has launched a Bulk Sales Division. The new division will be in charge of identifying opportunities and assisting investors looking for deeply discounted “bulk” purchases ranging from five to 500 units.  “The burst of the housing and the mortgage bubbles have caused severe problems in the U.S. economy”, says Adam Adache, president of Adache Real Estate. “At the same time, this crisis has opened the door for once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities for seasoned investors looking to capitalize on the glut of distressed properties that the market has to offer. One misfortune causes another’s fortune.”Adache adds, “By starting our Bulk Sales Division we make a statement on the weight we are granting to this market segment of opportunities.” According to Adache, the market is flooded with thousands of units with many buyers abandoning their units and deposits. Developers, banks and other lending institutions are left with no choice but to simultaneously slash unit prices and loan prices in order to accommodate buyers in what is one of the worst real estate markets in South Florida history. Adache has formed a well-organized system to screen hundreds of projects, working closely with developers and banks in order to identify the best real estate investment opportunities available in South Florida for future resale as well as the ones that will yield the highest cap rate, the ratio used to estimate the value of income producing properties. Their experienced team will assist investors in identifying properties that fit their business goals and in negotiating discount rates of up to 50 percent or more off of retail pricing. “There is no doubt the moment to buy is now! With foreclosures, short sales, developer closeouts, bank-owned and distressed properties flooding the market, we have developed a system that allows savvy and patient investors to take advantage of all the bargains and opportunities that can be found during the real estate market’s unsound times,” says Adache.