Ace the Competition with a Golf Simulator by XGolf

In an age when developers are trying to one-up each other with the latest and greatest amenities, the golf simulator has always stood apart as one of the coolest.

By Mike Ratliff, Senior Associate Editor

commercial We have written about how student housing amenities are influencing what developers are putting into new market-rate projects. Out of all the extravagant features private developers are cramming into their off-campus developments—tanning beds, pool volley ball, wet bars, study rooms gaming rooms—there has always been one that stood out as the coolest in my mind. That is the golf simulator. I’ll admit, a tendency to slice my fairway woods is a major factor in my choice. With the help of a golf simulator, I bet I could turn that slice into a draw-fade in a few hours.

When it comes to golf simulators, XGolf has been building some of the most technically advanced simulators since 2000. Sure, the base system costs roughly the same amount as a new BMW 325i. But a professional golf simulator will certainly differentiate your luxury asset from the pack. The only downside is that your company’s C-Suite might make excuses to visit the asset more often.

residential1XGolf offers three different simulators (XGolf Pro, XGolf I2 and XGolf IR), though XGolf I2 is the only one that both right and left handed golfers can use (you better get this one unless you want some serious backlash from any resident lefties). All systems feature an automatic ball feeder, a precision sensor system, swing analysis, a high performance 3D graphics engine, a 5.1 channel surround sound system and the ability to play 93 of the world’s most famous golf courses.

Swing analysis results from an ‘in sensor’ that measures the club approach, speed and contact point; a ‘middle sensor’ that measures the horizontal escape and exact impact angle; an ‘out sensor’ that measures ball speed and launch angle; and finally an impact sensor that measures when the club head hits the ground. The combined result captures 1 million data points per second. Proprietary software makes 6,000 calculators per second, and the end result is a precise flight trajectory that shows exactly where you went out of bounds.

For more information on all the add-ons (like video analysis and a weight transfer plate), head on over to XGolf.