A New Partnership for Micro-Grid Technology

A new partnership aims to bring the world’s first microgrid market.
Microgrid Technology
Microgrid Technology

CleanSpark of San Diego and Webcor Builders of San Francisco have joined forces to create advanced micro-grid systems. The partnership is focusing on domestic projects and will offer guaranteed performance for a minimum of ten years, and 100 percent system financing options for terms of up to 25 years.

A microgrid is a localized power system comprised of distributed generation assets, energy storage devices, and smart distribution technologies, that inter-operates through controls and software-based intelligence systems.

CleanSpark brings its advanced energy monitoring and management technology to the partnership. The software platform enables customers to integrate renewable generation and advanced storage technologies into their existing energy infrastructure to create a micro-grid able to interact with the utility. They can choose when to buy power from the utility, when to sell it, or when to isolate themselves from the traditional grid.

Webcor Builders is a green construction company, known for its innovative and efficient approach to construction.

The U.S. microgrid market is estimated to increase almost 300 percent over the next five years, from $225 million in 2016, to almost $1 billion in 2020. The CleanSpark-Webcor partnership will help facilitate domestic microgrid adoption, as U.S. customers leverage CleanSpark’s technology to increase energy independence, improve energy security, lower the energy costs, and reduce carbon emissions.

Image courtesy of CleanSpark