3 Fun Ways to Host a Winter Community Event

Winter is coming … to an end. But there is still time to take advantage of the cold weather. Here are some suggestions. (#3 is not for the faint of heart!)
Image courtesy of Yardi Breeze

Winter is coming … to an end. But we still have to make it through the next month. Luckily, you can help your residents fight their doldrums by giving them something truly special to look forward to, a winter community event. Here are some unique hosting ideas. (#3 is not for the faint of heart.)

1. Indoor or outdoor movie date night

If you have access to a movie projector, an outdoor movie date night is a clever winter community event. It may sound crazy at first, but with the right clothing equipment (and a little help from the weather), no one should be uncomfortable. Check out the following tips for making it a cozy experience:

  • Recommend clothes appropriate for the weather
  • Bring extra blankets in case anyone gets chilly and for cuddling up close
  • Supply safe electric heaters to prevent burns and eliminate risk of fire/smoke injury
  • If it’s an all-ages event, make sure the movie you pick is kid friendly but enjoyable for adults too (e.g., Frozen or The Princess Bride)
  • Supply snacks and drinks for everyone
  • Hire a childcare provider for little ones who are too young to enjoy the event quietly

If there’s a snowstorm or it’s simply too cold to be comfortable, have an indoor backup plan. If you have a rec room, use that. Otherwise, there’s no harm in rescheduling.

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